• Leather and paper journals made in Italy by expert hands


    A journal is a context for your dreams

    and your favorite place to be.

  • Soft leather bound journals with long tie


    that's how we do them.

  • Leather bound books made in Italy by expert hands.


    is individually crafted here,

    in our typical Italian workshop.

  • We personally select only high quality materials.


    and an obsessive care for details.

  • Soft leather wrap journals with hand decorated paper boards.


    a few drops of color

    make them even more special.

  • Marbled papers: sumptuous and mysterious mélange of colors.


    What pattern are you? 

  • Handmade leather journals, photo albums and writing accessories.


    by expert bookbinders.

  • Here you is our collection of hardbound journals beautifully handcrafted by our bookbinders. GENUINE LEATHER spine and corners.  Chose among: 6 colorful DECORATIVE PAPERS  7 sizes (sheet size) 4 paper block types: plain or lined, standard or double PAPER type: ivory color, gr. 100/m2, chemical-free.

    22,95 €
  • Are you looking for a place to philosophize? In our lovely journals there is room for a whole novel or just a few verses, if you prefer. GENUINE LEATHER, hardbound journals, brown color, finished by natural waxes. Chose among: 4 sheet sizes. PAPER: 100 plain, ivory, laid paper sheets, gr. 150/m2, CUT BY HAND, rough paper board.

    33,61 €
  • Enjoy our collection of old-school leather journals with rustic flare. Many sizes available, for all purposes.  Perfect journals to collect notes, daily writing or small drawings. GENUINE LEATHER Chose among: 7 leather colors; 6 sizes (paper size); paper block types: standard (128 sheets), plain or lined.  PAPER type: ivory color, gr. 100/m2,...

    25,41 €
  • Capture your memories as many as you can, arrange and treasure them into a high quality photo album. These Medioevalis photo albums are made of the softest GENUINE LEATHER. Chose among: 6 sizes (paper size). 3 leather colors PAPER BLOCK type: 30 sheets (60 sides), thick card, ivory color, acid-free, each with a vellum interleave.

    28,69 €
  • At the beginning of the XX Century the black ink finally appeared on the market replacing the old mixtures. This set is dedicated to the nostalgic who love the total black ink. This thick cardboard giftbox contains: Old fashioned wooden dip pen with metal grip; 4 extra nibs; Glass inkwell with metal cap and pen-tray, Pelikan black ink 50 cc.

    32,79 €
  • This is a lovely writing set for someone who loves handwriting and pocket size leather journals.  The set includes: Old style wooden pen with nib; Bottle of colored ink 50 cc.; Softbound journal, small size cm 8x12 (3,1x4,7 in), GENUINE LEATHER, brown. Long lace. PAPER: 128 sheets, plain, ivory color, chemical-free, gr. 100/m2. Nice thick cardboard gift box.

    31,15 €
  • Enjoy this selection of half leather hardbound photo albums, handcracted with high quality materials. GENUINE LEATHER. A special final treatment makes the leather look so good, rich and soft. Chose among: 6 decorative papers 9 sizes (paper size) PAPER BLOCK type:60 sheets (120 sides), thick card, ivory color, acid-free, each with a luxurious vellum...

    30,33 €
  • This nice gift box includes: Twist ball pen (*). Embossed decoration "Music". Metal. Standard refill, black ink  Extra refill, black ink Thick cardboard box.

    21,31 €
  • Enjoy this selection of leather hardbound photo albums with nerves in the large spine made with high quality materials. GENUINE LEATHER. Our special final treatment makes the leather look so good, rich and soft. Chose among 9 sizes (paper size). PAPER BLOCK type: 60 sheets (120 sides), thick card, ivory color, acid-free, each with a luxurious vellum...

    33,61 €
  • This nice gift box includes: Fountain pen (*). Embossed decoration, floral pattern. Metal. Black ink cartridge Converter Bottle of blank ink, 20 cc. Thick cardboard box.

    29,10 €
  • This lovely set includes: 1 old fashioned wooden dip pen 2 extra nibs 1 bottle of Sepia ink 50 cc. 1 magnifying lens with wooden handle Chocolate brown and "old prints" themed paper thick cardboard box.

    36,07 €
  • This exquisite writing set includes: Metal dip pen with a Clef musica symbol; Two extra nibs Bottle of black ink 50 cc.; Half leather journal, medium size cm 12x16 (4.7xH6.3 in), GENUINE LEATHER, black color and "music" themed printed paper. PAPER types: 128 sheets, plain, ivory color, chemical-free, gr. 100/m2. Thick black cardboard gift box, ribbon...

    58,20 €

Leather bookbinder since 1985


Journals, photo albums and writing sets made in Italy by expert hands.


By agreement with the Italian Government, our retail shops in Italy (Montepulciano, Orvieto and Chianchiano Terme) are temporarily closed.

Online orders will be produced and shipped in the shortest time possible.

We appreciate your understanding.

Each and every item is individually crafted by expert hands in our "bottega", a typical workshop where the perfume of the leather is constantly in the air. We personally select all materials, as well as every single sheet of marbled paper that the most creative Florentine workshops create especially for us. This obsessive care for details allows us to reach the highest aesthetic results and an absolute originality.

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